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Q-Products FAQ's

Q-Strip Self Adjusting Wire Stripper

Will the Q-Strip strip any size wire?

No.  It will strip any size of wire that will fit into the wire channel.  It will even strip both sides of landscape lighting wire at the same time.

Why did the Q-Strip not strip both sides of my landscape lighting wire?

It will only strip what fits inside the channel.  If both sides of the landscape lighting wire do not fit into the channel then it will not strip the part of the wire that is not in the channel.  You can quickly flip the wire, reinsert it back into the channel and strip again.

What is the brass knob on the front of the Q-Strip?

This is the adjustment knob.  Although it is usually ready to use without adjustment, it may be necessary to adjust the tension the Q-Strip puts onto the wire jacket.  Smaller wire will need more tension, and larger wire will less tension. 

What is the plastic piece attached to the side of the Q-Strip?

This is the stripping gauge.  It can be slide from left to right to allow for a uniformed stripping length.  If you need to strip a longer section, then you can turn it down to move out of the way. 

Why is the Q-Strip slipping on the jacket and not stripping?

This can happen especially with smaller wire.  Simply turn the adjustment knob on the front clockwise, and it will adjust the tension.  This should allow it to grab the wire and not slip.

Why is the Q-Strip scoring the inside copper wiring?

This can be a result of turning the adjustment knob too far clockwise, causing it to grab too tightly.  Simply turn the adjustment knob counter-clockwise, and it should fix the problem. 

The Q-Strip is jammed.  It will not open or close.  What is wrong?

This can happen when someone has turned the tension knob too far clockwise.  The back of the tension knob is pushing against the body of the Q-Strip acting as a lock.  Simply loosen the tension knob counter-clockwise, and it should fix the problem. 

How does the Q-Strip only strip the outside jacket of multi-stranded wire?

The Q-Strip does not actually cut the jacket of wire.  It grabs the jacket at two points, and puts tension on the jacket causing it to pop open exposing the interior with out cutting. 


You can watch our product video for more information on the Q-Strip wire stripper.

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