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Hardscape Lighting Products


That’s why we created the Rotatable LED Ledge Light version 2.0

rotatable ledge light.jpg

Gone are the days of removing caps or worrying about wiring if you need to replace a ledge light.

With the idea that “Not Every Wall is Flat”, we made our top selling Rotatable Ledge Light even better.  Not only can you eliminate hot spots on walls by adjusting the angle of the light bar up to 30°.  Now our newest version comes with an easily replaceable light bar.  

●    Reduce HOT SPOTS by rotating the light bar up to 30° from the wall
●    Easily adjust beam angle after the light is installed
●    Easily remove light bar after the light is installed - no need to remove cap
●    1.5 Watts - 100 Lumen
●    Stainless Steel mounting bracket
●    Low profile allows fixture to hide in hardscape
●    Glare shield reduces light exposure at elevations


3" Mini Ledge and Rail Light

The NewLite Ledge and Rail lights are an extremely versatile lighting fixture.  Its low profile design makes it perfect for any hardscape lighting project.  It is a great way to light retaining walls, benches, steps, decks, railings, columns, and more.  The simple breakaway corner design makes for an easy integration into an existing landscape.  

●    Removable light bar allows for a wider variety of uses.

●    Attached 10’ lead of 18/2 landscape lighting wire.
●    Voltage Range: 8v - 24v AC/DC
●    Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket and Cover
●    Die-Cast Aluminum Light Bar


Installation  Instructions

 Product Video

NLSS Stainless & Black Finish.png
Stainless Steel Recessed Light

The NewLite Stainless Steel Hardscape Light is designed to be recessed into pavers, stone, decks or any other hardscape outdoor surface.  The  1 watt light is sealed within a stainless body allowing for the harshest outdoor elements.  Lights can be surface mounted in as little as a 1-1/2” cored hole, or recessed in a 2” cored hole for heavy snow areas where shovels, blowers or plows may be used.

●    IP67 Engineered Waterproof Hardscape Light
●    Beam Spreads (2): 10° (clear Lens) & 45° (frosted lens)
●    #316 Stainless Steel Body designed for outdoor use
●    Voltage Range: 8v - 18v AC/DC
●    1 watt / 100 Lumen Output


Installation  Instructions

 Product Video

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