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NewLite’s Q-Loc™ Lighting Connector was designed specifically to make your lighting jobs cleaner, easier to install, and more reliable.
  • The innovative locking bolt creates a quick connection while allowing for safe movement of the fixtures during final placement.
  • Patented distribution of silicone gel makes sure you have a water-tight seal every time.
  • Keeping in mind that every connection need two connectors; we designed our connectors to snap together allowing for a cleaner looking installation.
The earth toned color and the grouping of the connectors allows the Q-Loc™ to be easily hidden in the landscape.
The Revolutionary NewLite Q-Strip self-adjusting automatic wire stripper makes electrical projects easy and more efficient.  Whether you’re a professional or the DIY type you will find that the Q-Strip makes it easy to switch between multiple size wires without slowing down.  


Ideal for 2-Wire, Landscape Lighting and Irrigation Wiring

Strip both sides of Landscape Lighting Cable at the same time
Strip the outside jacket of multi-strand irrigation cable without touching the inside cables
Quickly switch between large and small gauged wires without any    adjustments

Q-Loc™ Product Video

NewLite's next generation Q-Wrap is a self-bonding wrap made from a special high-quality silicone rubber compound which adheres to itself when wrapped under tension.  Q-Wrap forms a non-conductive, air and water tight seal.  Making it perfect for infield drip irrigation repairs. 
  • Seals leaky or broken Tubing, Pipe, Fittings, Hoses & More!
  • Holds to any Surface / Forms to any Shape
  • Works on Wet, Dirty or Dry Surfaces
  • Does not stick to pipe surface
  • Resists UV, Solvents, Oils, Chemicals & Salts
  • Better than heat shrinkable tubing
  • Never gets Gummy or Sticky / No Messy Cleanup    

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