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Q-Products FAQ's

Q-Loc Direct Bury Lighting Connector

Is the Q-Loc waterproof?

The Q-Loc is designed to be watertight.  We use waterproof silicone that will spread across the wires when inserted inside of the connector.


Can the Q-Loc be installed underwater?

No.  Although the Q-Loc is watertight, and can be underwater for a limited time, it is not intended for continuous submersion.


Can the Q-Loc be installed in hot or cold climates?

Yes.  The Q-Loc has a temperature rating of -45 deg to 400 deg F.  Making it extremely versatile for both Hot or Cold climates.


Why use a Q-Loc instead of a twist on connector?

Twist on connectors were originally designed for interior use.  They twist down and bind onto the copper of a wire.  If too small of a twist connector is used it will come off on its own.  With outdoor use you will have expansion and contraction from the changing temperature.  With expansion and contraction the twist style connector will come apart from the wires, and leave them exposed.  This does not happen when they are used indoors since indoor temperatures are typically regulated. 

Why is there a bolt on top of the Q-Loc?

This is the unique Locking Bolt.  It is designed to tighten down onto the jacket of the wire, the strongest part of the wire, and hold the connection in place. 


Why is there screw driver indention on the top of the bolt? 

Although a screw driver is not needed to open or close the bolt, after some time it can bind shut not allowing you to open by hand.  We put the slots for a screw driver in the bolt to help with opening. 


Is the Q-Loc reusable?

No.  It is designed that you can access the connection if needed.  However if you pull the wire out of the connector you will remove the waterproofing material, and compromising the connector.   We recommend using a new connector if you need to access the connection point. 


Why are there extrusions on the sides of the Q-Loc?

These male and female extrusions are for connecting two or more connectors together.  Since you need at least two connectors for every wire connection we designed the Q-Loc to mate together.  This allows you to group the connectors together making for a clean installation. 


Are the Q-Loc's available in other colors?

At this time no.  We designed the color to blend with most landscapes.  The use of other colors causes the connector to stand out visibly in your installations. 

You can watch our product video for more information on the Q-Loc LED Wire Connector

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